Rainbow Pastel Handmade Teething Rattle

Teething Rattle | Rainbow Pastel
Teething Rattle | Rainbow Pastel
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Product Description

These teething rattles combine different textures and soothes with soft tones as the birch rings clank against each other. Each one is lovingly handmade and is made of high quality silicone and birch wood. All silicone is bpa, pvc, lead, phthalate, and odor free. Birch is a non-splintering wood and is very useful in allowing your little one to chomp on the wood without fear of hurting themselves. Each ring is sanded smooth and sealed with organic coconut oil and organic beeswax. The sealant allows for little ones to chew on the wood without the acidity of saliva staining the wood.

Clean care: Clean with warm, soapy water, and allow to air dry. Not dishwasher/laundry safe. Extreme hot water temperatures may cause the sealant to wash off.

Each piece is non-refundable or exchangeable due to the nature of what these teething rattles are designed for.